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Morning Poster Spotlight and Presentations

1   JHU         Shane Bergsma            Lessons from Shane Bergsma's Foray into Lexico-Visual Semantics

2   UMD        Abhishek Kumar           Co-trained Multi-view Spectral Clustering                   

3   UDel        Regine Lai                    Learnable vs. Unlearnable Harmony Patterns                  

4   CMU        William Y. Wang            Automatic Intoxication Detection using Accent Identification Approaches

5   JHU         Jonathan Wintrode       Segmentation of Conversational Speech via Probabilistic Topic Modeling

6   UMBC       Xianshu Zhu                Finding Story Chains in Newswire Articles                   

7   UDel        Jane Chandlee              Decomposing Metathesis: the Non-regular status of Unbounded Copying

8   JHU         Sivaram GSVS              Multilayer Perceptron with Sparse Hidden Outputs for Phoneme Recognition

9   JHU         Shuai Huang                 Bootstrapping a Spoken Language Identification System Using Unsupervised      
                                                       Integrated Sensing and Processing Decision Trees

10  Columbia  Daniel Bauer               Semi-Supervised Reranking Methods for Syntax-Driven Frame Semantic Parsing

11  CMU        William Y. Wang           Identifying Event Descriptions using Co-training with Online News Summaries

12  UMBC      Niels Kasch                  Concept Modeling for Scripts                                

13  UMBC      Justin Martineau           DIVA: Domain Independence Verification Algorithm for Sentiment Analysis

14  JHU         Ariya Rastrow              Hill Climbing on Speech Lattices: An Efficient Rescoring and Discriminative Training

15  UDel        Charlie Greenbacker     Towards a Framework for Abstractive Summarization of Multimodal Documents

16  JHU         Veselin Stoyanov         From Local Interactions to Complex Structured Dependencies  

17  Rochester Karl Stratos                Episodic Logic: Natural Logic + Reasoning                   

18  JHU         Cao Cissy                    Preliminary Results on Non-Bernoulli Distribution of Perturbation for Simultaneous
                                                       Stochastic Approximation

19  GMU        Tanwistha Saha          Detection of Communities and Bridges in Weighted Networks   

20  UMD      Jiarong Jiang                Faster, Better, or Both! Learning Priority Functions for Decoding

21  JHU       Michael A. Carlin           Exploiting Temporal Coherence in Speech for Data-Driven Feature Extraction                                    

22  JHU         Qi Wang                     Discrete Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation on Loss Function with
                                                      Noisy Measurements

23  UMBC      Lushan Han                GoRelations: An Intuitive Query System for DBpedia          

24  Washington  Jesse Dodge          Bootstrapping Visual Attributes

Afternoon Poster Spotlight and Presentations

25  UMBC     Varish Mulwad             Automatically Generating Linked Data from Tables            

26  UPenn    Hansen A. Schwartzz   Addressing Ambiguity in Mining Social Networks based on a Lexicon of Well-Being

27  UMD      Mossaab Bagdouri        Topic Modeling as an Analysis Tool to Understand the Impact of the Iraq War on the
                                                      Iraqi Blogosphere 

28  Columbia  Yves Petinot              Hierarchical Modeling of Web Summaries                      

29  UMD      Tan Xu                        Wikipedia-based Topic Clustering for Microblogs             

30  JHU       Keith Kintzley               Phonetic Event Selection for Keyword Spotting Using Matched Filters

31  JHU       Matt Gormley               Shared Components Topic Models                              

32  UPenn    Jenny Gillenwater         Large-Scale Modeling of Diverse Paths using Structured k-DPPs

33  UPenn    Kyle Gorman               Accidental phonotactic gaps and English syllable contact    

34  JHU       Xuchen Yao                  Generating More Specific Questions                         

35  JHU       Courtney Napoles         Paraphrastic Sentence Compression with a Character-based Metric: Tightening
                                                      without Deletion

36  JHU       Nicholas Andrews         Transformation Processes for Correlated Data                

37  NYU      Wei Xu                         Passage Retrieval for Information Extraction using Distant Supervision

38  Haverford Rebecca Knowles      Register Topic Models   

39  UMBC      Jennifer Sleeman       A Streaming Approach to Linking FOAF Instances    

40  UPenn    Jon Stevens                Realistic computational models of early word learning       

41  UPenn    Qiuye Zhao                 Functional Elements and POS Categories                      

42  UMD      Ke Zhai                       Modeling images using transformed IBPs                      

43  UMD      Yuening Hu                 Interactive Topic Modeling                                  

44  UMBC    Niyati Chhaya             Joint Inference for Extracting Text Descriptors from Triage Images of Mass Disaster

45  MIT      Alexander M. Rush        Structured Prediction Cascades for Efficient Dependency Parsing

46  JHU      Michael Paul                 Multi-Faceted Topic Models                                  

47  UMD     Raul Guerra                 Museum Visitors surfing the multimodal wave