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Poster Session I  11:20 - 12:10

# Institution Authors Title
1 IITSL Rivindu Perera and Udayangi Perera Anaphora resolution through semantic distance weighting
2 UMD Mohit Iyyer and Jordan Boyd-Graber Applications of Deep Learning to Framing and Question Answering
3 UMD Ning Gao and Douglas Oard Resolving Person Names for First-Person Entity Linking
4 UMBC Varish Mulwad Semantic Message Passing for Generating Linked Data from Tables
5 UMBC Lushan Han Schema Free Querying of Semantic Data
6 JHU Jonathan Wintrode and Sanjeev Khudanpur Can you repeat that? Using word repetition to improve Spoken Term Detection
7 UMBC Abhay Kashyap and Tim Finin Top Down Hierarchical Clustering of Streaming Document Entities
8 UMD Ke Zhai, Jordan Boyd-Graber and Shay Cohen Online Adaptor Grammar with Hybird Inference
9 UMD John Morgan, Jordan Boyd-Graber and Alvin Grissom Thinking On Your Feet: A Model Of Simultaneous Translation
10 JHU Chris Paxton, Amy Babay and Danning He Developing a Markov Decision Process to Model Medical Interventions in the ICU
11 UMD Alvin Grissom and Jordan Boyd-Graber Computational Verb Prediction in Japanese
12 UPenn Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin and Kobey Shwayder A Theoretically Informed Morphological Parser
13 UMD Dan Goldwasser and Hal Daume III Modeling Latent Pragmatic Effects in Courtroom Dialogues
14 UMBC Oleg Aulov, Adam Price and Milton Halem Human Sensor Networks for Disaster Management
15 JHU Matthew R. Gormley, Mark Dredze and Jason Eisner Markov Random Field Parsing
16 GWU Cheng Tang Testing number of clusters for k-means clustering based on the Classification Likelihood Model
17JHUAnna M. KruspeAutomatic Language Identification for Singing

Poster Session II  3:10 - 4:00

# Institution Authors Title
18 IITSL Rivindu Perera and Udayangi Perera Recent advances in conceptual graph based knowledge representation
19 NYU Wei Xu, Raphael Hoffmann, Le Zhao and Ralph Grishman Filling Knowledge Base Gaps for Distant Supervision of Relation Extraction
20 UMD Jyothi Vinjumur, Jiaul Piaik and Douglas Oard Evaluating the Evaluation: Assessing the Utility of a Test Collection for Privilege in E-discovery
21 UMD John Morgan, Ann Irvine, Hal Daume, Marine Carpuat and Dragos Munteanu Measuring Machine Translation Errors in New Domains
22 UMD Yuening Hu, Ke Zhai, Vladimir Eidelman and Jordan Boyd-Graber Tree-based Topic Models for Translation Domain Adaptation
23 PSU Siddhartha Banerjee and Prasenjit Mitra Automatic Generation of Wikipedia Play Articles using Playscript Classification
24 UMD Thang Nguyen, Peratham Wiriyathammabhum, Yuening Hu and Jordan Boyd-Graber Spectral Algorithms for Topic Models: An Evaluation
25 UMD Hal Daume III, Samir Khuller, Manish Purohit and Gregory Sanders Kuhn meets Rosenblatt: Combinatorial Algorithms for Online Structured Prediction
26 UMBC Jennifer Sleeman and Tim Finin Type Prediction for Efficient Coreference Resolution in Heterogeneous Semantic Graphs
27 JHU Nanyun Peng, Yiming Wang and Mark Dredze Learning Polylingual Topic Models from Code-Switched Social Media Conversations
28 UMBC Ben Johnson, Jesse English and Benjamin Bengfort OpenWIMs: An Open Source Semantic Text Analyzer
29 UMBC Morgan Madeira and Anupam Joshi Analyzing Close Friend Interactions in Social Media
30 UMD Snigdha Chaturvedi, Vittorio Castelli, Ramesh Nallapti, Hema Raghavan and Radu Florian Joint Probabilistic Models for Relevance Prediction in Non-Factoid Question Answering
31 GHES Angel Garrido, Sergio Ilarri and Eduardo Mena Hypatia - Towards a Support Expert System for Documentation Departments
32 CMU Shashank Srivastava, Dirk Hovy and Eduard Hovy Walk based semantically enriched tree-kernels over distributed word representations