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Each poster presenter will be assigned an easel with a 30in x 40in size poster board. Tape and thumb tacks will be provided.

Poster Session I  11:20 - 12:10

# Institution
(first author)
Authors Title
Wei Xu, Alan Ritter, Bill Dolan, Ralph Grishman and Colin Cherry
Paraphrasing for Style
Anne Cocos, Lyle Ungar and Mark Liberman
Noun Phrase Bracketing with Eigenword Substitution
3CUNYKai Zhao and Liang Huang
Type-Driven Incremental Semantic Parsing with Polymorphism
Dingquan Wang, Matthew Gormley and Jason Eisner
Grammar Induction as Structured Prediction
Nanyun Peng, Ryan Cotterell and Jason Eisner
Dual Decomposition for Fast Inference on a String Valued Graphical Model for Word Forms
Juneki Hong and Jason Eisner Deriving Multi-Headed Planar Dependency Parses from Link Grammar Parses
7CMUYun-Nung Chen and Alexander I. Rudnicky
Unsupervised Slot Induction and Spoken Language Understanding by Jointly Modeling Inter-Slot Relations on Knowledge Graphs
Vimal Manohar and Daniel Povey
Semi-supervised Maximum Mutual Information Training of Acoustic Models
Hainan Xu
Band Matrix in Neural Networks for Speech Recognition
Pushpendre Rastogi, Benjamin Van Durme and Raman Arora
Multiview LSA: Representation Learning via Generalized CCA
Shabnam Tafreshi
Deep Learning Using Ranked Articulation Points for Representing Affect and Sentiment Intensity Phrases
12CUNYJames Cross, Bing Xiang, James Fan and Bowen Zhou
Good, Better, Best: Choosing Word Embedding Context
Naomi Saphra
Domain Adaptation of Word Embeddings Through Matrix Factorization
Jiang Guo, Wanxiang Che, Haifeng Wang and Ting Liu
Revisiting Embedding Features for Semi-supervised Learning of Generalized Linear Models
15ColumbiaVinodkumar Prabhakaran, Emily Reid and Owen Rambow
Gender and Power: How Gender and Gender Environment Affect Manifestations of Power
16GWUWenhui Zhang
Hazard Weather Detection using Twitter Streaming Feed
Sardar Hamidian
Rumor detection for tweet verification
18JHUXiang Xiang and Trac Tran From Receipts to Charts: Automating the Accounting Workflow

Poster Session II  3:10 - 4:00

# Institution
(first author)
Authors Title
Nanyun Peng, Mo Yu and Mark Dredze
Chinese Person Name Matching
Nicholas Andrews
A Generative Model for Named-Entity Recognition with Gazetteers
21CMUWilliam Yang Wang and William W. Cohen
Joint Information Extraction and Structure Learning in Knowledge Bases: A Scalable Probabilistic Logic Programming Perspective
22UMCPNing Gao, Douglas Oard and Mark Dredze A Test Collection for Email Entity Linking
Bryan Wilkinson
A Resource for Evaluating Adjective Scales
24UMCPJyothi Vinjumur and Douglas Oard
Highlighting People and Term Importance to Assist Privilege Review in E-discovery
Sicong Zhang, Jiyun Luo, Xuchu Dong and Hui Yang
Using POMDP in Session Search: States, Actions, and Rewards
Jonathan Wintrode
A Latent Topic Model for Repetition and Topicality in Speech
27UMBCAmir Karami
FLATM: A Fuzzy Logic Approach Topic Model for Medical Documents
Clare Grasso and Anupam Joshi
Characteristics of Non-transcribed Clinical Notes
Isaac Mativo
Clinical Predictive Modeling with Patient Reported Data
Rebecca Knowles, Mark Dredze, Kathleen Evans, Hadi Kharrazi,
Elyse Lasser,Tom Richards and Jonathan Weiner
High Risk Pregnancy Prediction from Clinical Text
Tuo Zhao, Mo Yu and Yiming Wang
Accelerated Mini-batch Randomized Block Coordinate Descent Method
21UMCPJohn Morgan
Enhancing BLEU with Semantic Word Vectors
22JHUAdithya Renduchintala, Adam Lopez and Shuoyang Ding
Parallel Featurized Word Alignment
Kasia Hitczenko and Gaja Jarosz
Cognitive Limitations Impose Advantageous Constraints on Word Segmentation
Yves Petinot
A Text-to-Text Framework for Reference-based Web Summarization