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Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be given 15 minutes total, which will include the presentation, and questions. Your talk should be no longer than 12 minutes. We will allow up to 3 minutes for questions per talk. 

You can prepare your slides in whatever format you like (Keynote, Powerpoint, pdf), but your slides should display correctly on a Mac computer. Before your talk, during breaks, we will ask everyone to load their presentations onto a single USB drive so that we can preload them onto the display computer in the room. Please check your slides in advance on a Mac to make sure the formatting looks as you intend it to. You should check in with the session chair 15 minutes prior to your scheduled oral session (TBD). The chair will have you transfer your slides to the common USB drive to ensure a smooth transition between talks. 

Poster Formatting Guidelines

Posters dimensions are 30x40. You may print them either portrait or landscape, whichever you prefer. We will provide easels and push pins to secure your posters.